Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 It's appalling how few pictures I took while visiting family in Tennessee!  We had a GREAT time, though we really really missed James.  It was so sweet to get to spend time with my parents (Bello and Bella) and grandparents (Lito and Lita) and siblings (Tia Jen and Uncle Josh and Aunt Kristi).  The kids did great and loved all the love and attention they got from so many people!!!
We played cards a lot in the evenings, it was super fun!

 Elijah's first snowball!
 Did I mention it SNOWED?!?!?!?!  Amazing!
 Elijah helped Bello fill the birdfeeder.  Cuties!
 Ellie formed a special attachment to Lito!
 Uncle Josh!!!  How did I not get a photo with Aunt Kristi?
 Playing soccer with Lito!


  1. You didn't get a photo with Aunt Kristi because she sleeps in!! :)

  2. I just got from you in the mail today the photos I lent you for some event- I can't remember right now what! Relived lots of memories as I looked through them! You do a great job logging memories yourself, Cat, with this blog! It's been less than a month, and these pictures ALREADY spark sweet memories for me! Dad and I loved having you here. We even have videotapes in our minds of all these fun moments, but the pictures are STILL worth a thousand words (don't worry, Kristi, I have a picture of you on MY camara)!