Sunday, July 7, 2013

May 2013

 Well, a friend mentioned to me recently that she was looking forward to reading about Elijah's birthday party whenever I had a chance to blog about it.  Lo and behold, it's July...and I last blogged at the beginning of April!  Oops! are some pictures in the "May 2013" folder on my computer.  We'll see what I remember about these!

This was Elijah's favorite thing to do for a season!  He said he and Ellie were racing-him on his motorcycle and her with her walker toy.  They just went back and forth, back and forth on the driveway!

 Ellie got her first blister on the bottom of her foot, and her feet got SUPER dirty, so I thought she might need to start wearing shoes!
 We had some random BEAUTIFUL cold weather (I can barely remember this now...)

Park days!!!

 Rock climbing!
 Elijah LOVED this tractor-he's not a great driver yet, but it was fun to try!!!

 Water table fun!
 I taught Elijah a version of Twister using his new birthday chalk.  :)

 Elijah learning to shoot his new nerf gun-hilarious!!!  :)

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  1. Oh, Catherine, what a joy it is to see these glimpses of your days, and these glimpses into your mother's heart, and James' father's heart. All I can say is that your kids are so blessed!