Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dominican Republic

 The first two weeks of June we spent in the Dominican Republic on the training school outreach.  Here are lots of fun pictures from the trip!
The grocery store had a different kind of car carts than our grocery store has!  Elijah thought it was the COOLEST thing and continually asks for them even now that we are home!

 Ellie made best friends with our bus driver and spent a lot of (parked) time in the driver's seat.

 Both kids were troopers with the plane travel!  Here we were SO excited to catch the sky train between terminals and not have to walk so far!
 Family picture at the Monument in Santiago.
 James is a superhero!  He can carry two kids at once!!!
 The shopping trip at the end of the trip-there was a UPS store!

 Elijah is in a HUGE drumming phase lately.  These empty water bottles made awesome sounds!

 Translating for Natalie as she shared her testimony in a park.
 Clara meeting Jesus as her Savior!
 James on the radio!!!

 Ellie actually slept large portions of her naps and nights in bed with us.  She had a cold and would wake herself up coughing and not want to go back to sleep unless we were holding her.  Since our whole family was in one room, it was easiest to just keep her with us.  We've not done this before and it is NOT the most restful way to sleep, but it worked, and as soon as we got home, she's gone back to happily sleeping the whole night in her own crib!

 Ellie missed a lot of morning naps so she snoozed in our arms occasionally.  These were PRECIOUS moments!!!
 Elijah helping Daddy share the gospel using the bridge diagram.
 Sleeping on the of these people is faking...can you tell who it is?

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