Wednesday, September 11, 2013

July & August

 So...we moved this summer!  That pretty much explains what life has been like, right?  Boxes, packing paper, sorting through stuff, organizing, decorating, arranging, rearranging, selling things online, multiple trips to Lowe's...

We had amazing WONDERFUL help from so many great friends (and some people we hadn't even met before!!) from church.  It was seriously such an expression of the Body of Christ at work, we were so blessed!
 Because all the loading and unloading boxes, carrying furniture, assembling cribs, etc wasn't enough, the crew then stayed around and beautifully cared for our yard-it looked amazing and was such a blessing!

 Then James and I took off for a couple days in the mountains of Utah for a training/equipping conference with our organization.  It was beautiful and envisioning and all-around awesome!  My parents came and took care of the kids, and we got refreshed and trained for our work!

 The travel back was HORRIFIC-one of our flights got canceled and we ended up spending a night in Denver.  It was awful, I missed getting to say goodbye to my Dad, and we made it home almost a full 24 hours later than we were supposed to.  The redeeming aspect of this trip was that my dearest friend met us in the OKC airport, brought us lunch, and visited for an hour or so.  It was so fun!!!
 James celebrated his birthday, and we had a Settlers of Catan party-so cool!

 The kids are still awesome and adorable!  :)

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  1. I am so happy to have been part of your exciting summer! Your new home is beautiful, as is the life lived within its four walls!