Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Garden

 So...I really really really love the idea of having a garden.  I want it to to be all beautiful and lush, and I want to actually eat things that I grew here in my own backyard!  Our first attempt earlier this summer flopped-sadly, my seeds pretty much dried out and died.  It was a HOT summer.  I planted some pansies last week (James brought them home for me to add some beauty to our home, they are all spread out in different places, so fun!!!), and then this weekend added several broccoli and cauliflower plants.  I thought it was pretty late in the season to do it, but at a local market they were selling these and many other winter plants and the guy there said it was fine to plant now, that we'd be harvesting in January...and he looked like he knew what he was talking about, and the plants were cheap, so why not, right?  :)

 Elijah is such an eager little helper!  I'm not sure which of us was more excited!

 Aren't they BEAUTIFUL???  Right after this picture, we uprooted and threw out our tomato plants.  They were miracle growers but I quit watering them several weeks ago because they'd stopped producing fruit and were too tall for me to keep upright in the garden bed.  Wouldn't you know, once I'd passed the point of no return, I found 2 green little tomatoes...oops!
 This picture...this is the stuff my dreams are made of!  And see back behind me?  That's our compost bin.  That my husband MADE for us.  We're so cool!  We throw stuff back there, and hopefully it's working!  I don't stir it much.  At all.  Like I've done it once or twice in two months.  He's done it a couple times, too, which is just kind since I said I would do all the work if he'd just build it.  :)

 This is today's harvest from my random herb plants.  I planted so many of these and so FEW of them worked, but these babies are doing great!  I learned you are supposed to harvest only about a third of the leaves, and this is the second time I've done that, and I felt like doing it last time definitely encouraged growth in the plants.  I love it!!!
Finally, this is more of an indoor project, of course, but here is a before and after picture of a lamp I rescued from someone's trash pile.  :)  The little round table it's on was also in the trash, I just haven't done anything with it yet!  :)


  1. so fun! and I think we need better trash piles around here! hee hee :) those are great finds

  2. Only in Texas can you plant things in November and have them grow through January!!!
    You are your mother's daughter! I failed our tomatoes TOO! While Dad was out of the country I was in charge of caring for the garden, and one day when I went out there all the green tomatoes that I had been waiting to turn red before picking were mush! I didn't know you should pick them, green or not, when the weather report is calling for the first frost of the season! I felt awful! All those unfried fried green tomatoes that would never be eaten...
    You are definitely your father's daughter as well! HE has a green thumb, not me! In fact, thanks for teaching me here that you should harvest no more than one third of the leaves of an herb plant. By the way, THOSE plants are hardy! They are still producing leaves even through the frost. I expect to be able to serve YOU some fresh parsley when you are here in a few weeks! Can't wait!