Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Month of October

 Ellie is wearing my shoes in this picture.  She is ALWAYS trying on different shoes, and the bigger the better! 

 Look at this adorable smile!!!
Reading books with Daddy!
 Haha we have been visiting some new parks lately.  This one was a smashing success...because they had ROCKS!!!  Ellie filled her shoes and dumped them out, and made it look so fun that Elijah wanted to try, too!  :)  We went home and took baths!
 Elijah rediscovered his monkey hat and gloves from Gran and jumped around proclaiming his monkey-ness!
 We've done some letter activities...this kid is smart!
 He loves this horse at WalMart.  He is so happy with it not moving...I hope he never learns it can!  :)
 Elijah loves mowing the grass with Daddy!
 This is Elijah's scary monster face (and feet).
 Unexplainable...lately, when we go out to the garage to get in the car, Ellie gets down on all fours, points across the street, and barks.  Turns out there IS a dog over there but I've almost NEVER seen it, so how did she know?!?!
 On our way to a tea party!
 Playing outside with shaving cream.
 We got RAINED ON but it didn't dampen our spirits!
 Elijah was spiderman for his Mother's Day Out costume party.
 Ellie was Davy Crockett...just kidding!

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  1. I love your life!
    I remember once you told me "I love my life!" Well, I love your life too, and these pictures! You are both such great parents, and you have such great kids! Can't wait to see you over Thanksgiving!
    Give my love to Spidey and Davey for me!